Are you ready to let your light shine?

I had the great opportunity to participate in an launch event today with many wo10389646_10152447664527342_2892334802992017364_n (1)men in the coaching and health industry #EcstaticFAME and one of challenges was to take a “selfie” wearing sunglasses and attach a quote to the photo. One of the reasons is to learn how to become more visible on Facebook.  I loved the quote that I decided to use – “You don’t have to blow out someone else’s light to let your light shine.”

Wow, I thought and I really felt that quote speaking to me. I have to admit that in my past I have had huge “shine issues.”

I think some of it comes from my childhood, I was brought up not to be forward or to not think highly of myself as it was considered being vain and not acceptable. I can also remember times in my youth where if I did shine some of the other girls weren’t too happy for me and this would make me feel rejected and alone. Never once did I consider maybe they were insecure or had their own issues – No I thought there was something wrong with me or I did something wrong.

Oh Thank GOD for therapy and for so many years of working on my self concept. Working with a coach is like having a key that unlocks a door. For me I felt as though I had walked into that door many times and I am very grateful to my teachers past and present for helping me on this journey. I no longer have to figure things out by myself and I don’t have to suffer. My thinking now is very different – I can’t control how people treat me but I can control how I react to it. And I am not responsible for how they may interpret things. That has helped me so much and also this little pearl of wisdom “FEAR is the result of emotionally living in the future, do your best to stay in the now.”

It’s funny how even though I have had 23 years of training in the Martial Arts, and I’ve done Yoga and been in Therapy – I still have stuff that I am working on. Recently I was completely caught off guard when I had my hair straightened for my 50th birthday, everyone was very kind to me and I received so many compliments in person and online. But I felt embarrassed with all the attention, my husband Anthony had mentioned it in front of the class and I took him aside and told him to stop complimenting me. Can you even believe I did that? I was uncomfortable being in the spotlight, I wanted to shrink, to sort of blend into the background  – kind of “the story” of my life …. and then I realized something is out of alignment here and I called my Life Coach Dean and told him “I’m freaking out and I’m uncomfortable from all these compliments – what is wrong with me?” His reply back to me was great “Nothing is wrong with you ….. you just don’t believe you are deserving of it for some reason.” During my session we talked more about this and he suggested when someone gives me a compliment – just saying thank you and having gratitude. The compliment makes the other person feel good and looking at it that way makes it easier for me to accept.

So I have a question for you – Are you ready to let your light shine bright? If you are, please leave a comment and let me know if I can be of service to you.

Sending Infinite Love and Gratitude to All,

Rita Rose Pasquale “Sifu Rita” ox